Pursuing Peace - Finding Freedom


We are a faith-based mission of peacemaking and reconciliation.

Sometimes asking for help is the hardest decision anyone can make while in conflict, but professional assistance is often effective toward pursuing peace and finding freedom from the negative consequences of prolonged bitterness and estrangement.  Our conciliators are experienced, trained and credentialed by various professional agencies.  They are available to provide any of the following services:

  • Mediating marriage, family, neighborhood, workplace, and organizational disputes
  • Facilitating collaborative interpersonal dialogues within or between couples and small groups
  • Coaching and training communication, problem-solving, peacemaking and reconciliation skills

As a diverse, faith-based practice, we do whatever we can to help folks to be reconciled to one another by making "every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification" (Romans 14:19, NIV) from a Christian perspective.  If you prefer a mediator with a different approach, we encourage you to select from among the qualified professionals at the statewide Mediation Association of Colorado (MAC), the nationwide Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) or your local Bar Association.


Building Healthy Marriages

We conduct workshops and coaching for dating, engaged and married couples to learn and practice positive communication, conflict resolution, expectations management and other skills to enhance their relationships.  Click the heading to go to the project website for more information, to register for a workshop or to request a service.

Peacemaking and Reconciliation

We conduct workshops, coaching and interventions to teach and facilitate biblical peacemaking and reconciliation that is grounded in the mercy, grace and forgiveness that God has granted us in Christ Jesus.  Click the heading to read how and why our founders are involved in this project.


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